Welcome to the online interactive platform of "three linkage members" for the platform of technical exchange and spark of ideological collision. Usage: all experts participating in the three linkage of Huasen company can apply for registration of linkage member account (or directly sent to the account by the three linkage science and technology innovation centers of Huasen); members can participate in the online interaction platform to browse linkage project overview, publish personal comments, publish creative information, and accept member comments; they can also browse, publish or comment on the current cutting-edge technology, and thus In depth discussion.

In order to further integrate the scientific and technological resources of the medical industry, build a first-class cooperation and innovation platform, form a new cooperation and innovation mechanism and scientific and technological achievements transformation mechanism, and promote the rapid development of the medical industry, in December 2009, the company officially established Changzhou Huasen science and technology innovation center with the alliance of Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing Military Region General Hospital, Suzhou University, Changzhou science and Education City, etc. Home, factory, business joint innovation (referred to as three linkage).

The organization is jointly established by Huasen medical group, medical experts and economic and trade businesses. It is mainly composed of technology research and development, new product development, and achievement incubation. It is a long-term production research integration platform integrating the advantages of the three parties. The platform has set up project review committee, organization committee and other permanent institutions, with full-time engineers providing support in production technology, carrying out the research and development of new medical products in an all-round way, so that the development of products is in line with the development direction of industrialization from the beginning.

Program Guide

Huasen company uses 10% of the annual after tax profit to set up linkage Innovation Fund (the investment in the first phase of 2010-2012 is not less than 20 million yuan), which is stored in a special account, used for a special purpose and used in a rolling way.

For the individuals or groups participating in the linkage to research and develop new medical devices, after the evaluation of the expert group, Huasen company will issue project funds; and Huasen company can assist in the application of related patents, and carry out product trial production, testing, identification, clinical, registration and other work, with the main costs borne by Huasen company.

once the declared project is adopted by Watson, the intellectual property rights of golden idea shall be owned by the original provider (except for buyout or split). Once the economic benefits are generated, the project share can be obtained for a long time, and more than 3% of the sales revenue can be used as a special royalty to the property owner. Great rewards will be given to major contributors.

Cooperation Model

In the cooperative development of products, Huasen company is fully responsible for the registration, clinical, promotion and sales of products. Once the cooperative project produces economic benefits, it can be divided into more than 3% of the sales revenue (ex factory price), and the specific proportion will be determined according to the contribution in the development.

both parties jointly contribute and separately account for the project under Watson's account by means of equity participation. Intellectual property rights as intangible assets account for more than 5% of the shares, all the initial expenses are included in the development cost, and the profits generated after the product is listed are distributed by shares.

Other models can be explored according to the wishes of all parties. Watson can also invest in investors to participate in the project and set up enterprises in the place where the project owner is located.


Welcome to provide consulting services for the production and operation of Huasen company, including relevant information exchange, development orientation discussion, technical support, product evaluation, project joint review, domestic and foreign related activities arrangement

Expand cooperation areas, expand other kinds of medical products from the project cooperation of orthopedic products, and enter other feasible fields (new materials, new energy, etc.).

All work is generally arranged in spare time and carried out without affecting the work. Watson company shall bear legal and economic responsibility for the work done for the company.